FLARE NUINUI QUEST is a fan-made Hololive action platformer featuring Shiranui Flare and other Hololive talents

This game does not save automatically, please use the menu to create a save file.


This game has been created following the Hololive Derivative Works guidelines.
All visual and music assets have been created for the game. All sound effects were either created for the game or are free for commercial and non-commercial use.


For any enquiries, please contact sulpx.nui@gmail.com

Created by sulpx
Music by NeonCryptid


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FLARE NUINUI QUEST_1.1.0_x64-setup.exe 138 MB
flare-nuinui-quest_1.1.0_amd64.deb 138 MB
flare-nuinui-quest_1.1.0_amd64.AppImage 219 MB

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Not work on windows 11, or i didn't install the game correctly

I like the boss rush at the 6th level, have yet to beat it but it is a fun trial, the one with the sword and shield is really difficult.

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Noooooo, I got through every boss except for reaper and knight, and got the knight to 1 carrot missile from death, and then died because I couldn't land the final blow (darn shield)

I got another one where I had every boss done, but then on the last one they rewinded the battle back to the start when they and me were both 1 hit from death, dooming me

Pretty good!

great game:)

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Must have been insane to do noel only for all of the boss rush

Is the audio working on Linux yet?


Nope, also  both linux builds are broken. The deb installer always hangs on destroying first boss (and no audio). The appimage is mispackaged with a libpango issue coming up on run (no launch). Also, the windows standalone crashes with Wine (both standard Ubuntu repo wine and a recent Proton build. Perhaps later?


muito bom, ótima jogabilidade e gráficos incríveis!

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For anyone wondering there is a small but dedicated Speedrun community for this game. The game is on https://www.speedrun.com/flare_nuinui_quest and we have a discord https://discord.gg/7wjenBXE6c here's what a Speedrun looks like 


Please join us

interesting, guess thats an out of bounds that doesn't reload you

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Amazing game! But there are a few exploitable glitches in level 2.

You can completely skip calli if you just wall jump (this is really good for the speedrunning achievement)

If you get Miko to 50% hp and the blackout appears, you can go to a different level, and the blackout stays until you die or beat miko. But imo you should keep this because it's basically another way to make the game insanely hard. (I managed to somehow beat holo hq with blackout, though lv 6 calli's blackout just makes the entire screen black until she uses the drop down attack) Picture for example.

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Don't worry there's a lot more exploits and glitches than that and the dev and speedrunners are both completely aware of it. Here's what a speedrun looks like 


also thanks for the idea for dark mode thanks to you the speedrun community has enjoyed doing it as a meme run now 


My contribution

Super cool game! Something I think that should be considered for one of the boss fights is tone down or remove the lightning flashing effect for people with photosensitivity/epilepsy cause it's pretty aggressive on the eyes

Really great game!! I like a lot the graphic design and the level design of it!! Very good job!! For now I was not able to obtain Noelle and obtain the good ending, but well, I hope to find the way to obtain Noelle and the good ending soon

quite mange to get half of the achifmint and it was such a good gref and reminded me of the good old games , thanks 

my game froze in a speedrun of stage 5 after deafeing a boss _rageeee_

Absolutely loved the game, music was great, and it was super fun trying to 100% it,but i'm a disapointed by the actual 100% reward, other than that it was a fantastic game.

It's BUG?

Yes, but I find it funny so I left it (you can also use it to damage boost during speed runs and stuff)

I understand and find it very interesting!

I have now beaten the game three time and i'm looking over my items and there's a slot missing do i get it when i get all the achievements?

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yes you do


I have now beaten it and finally thank the lord ddd

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It's so fun!but i played on browser ,I find the final boss when my browser crashed.

The fans in port suck super inconsistent and it's rng if they will send you to the correct height

Oh, I think it depends on how near you were on the fan. The nearer you are, the higher you get launched. I learned about it while I was playing other platformers with similar obstacles.

Deleted 69 days ago

how do they work? elaborate


They're momentum-based. It works similar to other fans in platforming; the height you get is dependent on how much vertical momentum you have when going in. If you're already in the beginning of a jump when you enter your fan, it'll boost your jump significantly, allowing you to reach higher places where the highest possible jump alone, or the highest point on the fan alone, wouldn't let you access.

TL;DR: Start your jump as you enter the fan's range to get the biggest boost.


Why thank you for your help :)

Deleted 69 days ago

really good art nice I wish jump was spacebar however

press enter and go to options can change the jump key

is there any way to save your progress?

press enter


HOW DID I NOT SEE THAT MENU BEFORE thank you so much for telling me this lol

Hey it seems there's slots for 2 items are there 3 or 5 items?


There's 5 items in the game. The last one is obtained by completing all the achievements

what about the 4th one?


You unlock it at some point in stage 7, after getting the good end and clearing the boss rush

oh ok tk


This game is soo good, looks like momodora fused with Touhou luna nights and this is BEAUTIFUL



Amazing! The soundtrack is amazing, and the gameplay is just as good! 10/10!

resurrection BUG...

Not a bug, just Ame sending you back in time to the beginning of the fight :')



you can stop it by using the time watch when shes in the animation holding the watch


1.1 All Achievements


lmao this is getting popular again I remember tryharding this game almost a year ago

it says play in browser on itch but that doesnt seem possible  

yea like i was able to play it before but i cant even get past the opening screen 🥰

im stuck after the Pol boss help plz

amazing game well done!

Que buen juego 

anyone know how to get to shion?

After defeating scythe lady (sorry idk the names) go straight forward instead of downwards

Awesome Megaman game. I like this.


I like your level design art and mechanic to play.

Hope you improve for joy controller.


Interesting game! Nice level design and pixel art characters! I like it :)

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The five stage. FLARE will be hit by the MIKOCHI on the other side outside the screen.

I complete it. It´s awesomw but I don´t know the lore (SPOILER ALERT) why is the end... a bad end? Why are we fighting for at all? All what I know it´s that I feel like playing Megaman again thx a lot


This is not only one of the best Hololive fan games I've ever played, but its one of the best games on all of itch.io!

Everything about this game is superb, the levels are well designed, the sprite art for the stages, the enemies, everything, looks amazing (I especially like the little details like how the flowers move with the wind on the first stage, or how Flare's hair moves as she runs and jumps) the sound is good and the music, which are remixes in 8-bit style of the different Hololive songs, are amazing. Also the controls are responsive, everything moves the way I intend it to. Truly a top of the line game.

If anything, I am surprised that no Hololive talent has streamed it yet. I've seen Vtubers play this game, but none of Hololive yet.

You think it's better than Holocure?

HoloCure is a different type of game. Its not an adventure platformer like Nui Nui Quest. Its like comparing Super Mario to Pac-Man. There really isn't a way to compare them.

As far as graphics, music and sound, they are both on the same level, that much I can say.

But gameplay wise they cannot be compared in any way, so I cannot say one is better than the other. I do think HoloCure is better than Vampire Survivors, however.

You can like one more than the other without comparing them

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Calli streamed it, 1 hour 24 minutes into the stream named "【FAN MADE GAMES】playing games made by you guys!!"


It was April 2023

What is the engine of this game? Very like this game, simple but fun

Thank you for playing! I don't use any game engine, just plain javascript

I have some knowledge of javascript and other things. Can I help you with something? As a volunteer. 


I don't need help, thank you for the offer

Game bugged at the boss. Player sprite isn't animated. I can only move and jump. Also, I don't take damage. The boss and it's projectiles are frozen. The bug happened after the boss locked on it's target.

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