Nuinui quest is a Mega Man style platformer featuring Shiranui Flare and various other Hololive characters

Release status

██████████ ~80%

Controls (keyboard & gamepad)

You can change the key binding and gamepad controls anytime in the settings

Default controls for gamepad (connect it by clicking any button)


Created by Sulpx, music by FabulousReindeer

For any questions, please contact

Thanks for playing!



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nuinui-quest.exe 52 MB
nuinui-quest_0.3.0_x64_en-US.msi 48 MB

Development log


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Such a high quality game! I could imagine playing this on the GBA. And the music is sick!

Uninstalled the old version (before the guns update) and reinstalled, but now the map with the bow has been replaced with a checkpoint and I can only pick up the guns.
Also, I somehow managed to activate the other checkpoint on the fubuzilla bot battle which let me skip it after I died.

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what to do on the fubuki part?, i honestly dont know how to progress (the robot part)

You need to concentrate on shooting the very top part. Any damage done to other parts of the robot doesn't go towards defeating it. The transparent platforms under the robot can actually be moved through, so you can use those platforms help you get up. Also, keep in mind that you can double jump (I actually didn't notice until I got to this boss.)

ty!! already bet it 

The music is amazing and the gameplay very faithful to Megaman, while having its own Holo-Style, congratulations that's amazing!

I tried attacking aqua using marine's special the 1st time she appears in the dark room where you had to light the candles. the game froze XD.

dang you built your own custom engine for this game? Did you by chance record any of that process? What made you decide to do that rather than just use an established engine already? I get you're probably an experienced programmer, but it leaves me curious. Are your future game projects using this same custom engine?

There are no records of the creation process as it is an amalgamation of several attempts over several years. I have used most of the mainstream game engines, but in the end I've always had more fun messing around in a web browser.

I recently posted on twitter another game I'm working on, it's a trpg that uses a similar base although the result is very different

cool game,but it very hard

If you pick up guns, skip the bow and restart you can't get bow anymore even after restart

if you click the save or disk on the right side of the settings or the gear, you can choose there.

Super fun, found the pistols easily and played the whole game with it.

Also, Aqua almost gave me a heart attack .

the boss fights were amazing, I got totally destroyed by the first boss because I was only pressing one time to attack instead of spamming X. And miko and pekora was tough man, but very fun too.

excited to play the full version.

This is a very cool game with cool mechanics that complement the main gameplay!

It was fun, interesting, scary, but it was worth it, so I'm waiting for the rest of the levels and good luck =D


This Game is Pretty Fun

-Stage and Bosses is Fair

-Aqua is Kirito (Sword art online) she can Star Burst Stream 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

-Weapons are still not reduced or increased damage by boss

This game is EPIC

 it’s so fun that I don’t know how many times that I’ve played

 Oh yeah I also find a bug

I use Marin's power to shoot Aqua when you just enter the Aqua's house

Aqua disappeared and play her battle music 

but the game freeze and I can't do anything 

Excited for the full ver, thank you!

Wow this was a lot of fun!

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I think it was because I updated my computer/laptop, but my nuinui quest browser is back to nothing.

Edit: And I can't just download it because I don't have windows

SUPER FUN!! I like it a lot! :D

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Man, this game practically got an overhaul!! New weapons, powers, new cutscenes, extended levels and more!! Loving your work so far.👍

... and another thing, what kind of engine are you using? Because the browser version has this unique UI and stuff I didn't see in other browser/HTML5 games I found.

Edit: 1; I find it kind of funny the new gun weapon has a run and fire(?) animation while the bow doesn't. and 2; thank goodness you added saving as I was [worried(?)] curious if you would add (something like) that, as before, even after I beat the first boss, if I died before I reached like- half of the level, or else I would of had to restart that boss

Edit 2: I also recently found a bug(?) on the browser ver. at least that (if?) I waited for too long on a level (and probably also have your screen off the game) (I found it in the [WIP] Yamato level at least), it speeds up the game drastically for a while, will you fix that?(I know its randomly specific but its still a bug).


Thank you! I'm glad it's looking more and more like a proper game.

I built the game engine from scratch, so it's completely custom. The code is open source, link available in the information!

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Building a GAME ENGINE from scratch (either or the literal term) is very impressive, and it is nice that people can also use the engine for themselves for their own projects if they want to if they want to.

This fast game speed glitch comes from the way your browser changes its refresh speed when you are not looking at the game (when you scroll down in the comments for example). I can't do much about it, but the speed will adjust itself if you wait a few seconds 😰

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Yeah I know. I discovered this when I wanted to add something down in the comments, and I just so happened to discover it when checking the game for something🤷‍♀. Just wanted to see if you could fix/do anything about it.

And one last thing, how do you pause the game again?  Before, the game was able to be paused, probably with ESC. I don't remember myself, especially since I 1, want to pause the game to take a break and come back later, and 2, to not have to find a safe place to "Pause", not have the music bother me (Edit: I was joking, the music is great!😁) and not worry of the timer rising, as it'll also make it easier to do the timer achievements.

You know, just generally have a pause menu🤷‍♀, since its so weird not having one on a game like this.

ok, the installer finally worked, gonna play it later and update my ratin

I'd really enjoy this game more if i could play it with a controller instead of a keyboard.

From the looks of the UI, They will implement it soon

I strongly recommend the software antimicro!  It’s helped me rig up a setup so that I can play the games that don’t offer controller support — it’s been a game changer, for me!

i thought i found a secret place, but instead found a bug (?). Loved the game!

Thank you for playing! This bug is fixed in the next version which should be released soon 😵

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Sheesh, last time I played there were 2 stages and they were a bit different. The changes are cool and makes good usage of slides ^^

Ill be looking forward to more updates. Ty for the awesome game 


Can aqua die? managed to get her stucked in a wall  but couldn't kill her. I was curious and played it again just to check cause in the first playthrough couldn't  hahah


Thank you for playing and for the bug report! Aqua won't be invincible in ng+ in the final version of the game if I' m doing everything I planned

ok, the other exe opens then closes, hm, well, i finished the game on browse

Man, this version really boosts the difficulty

Also some visual difference between arrow types would be nice, even if I'm not sure changing the type does anything


changing the power changes the charged shot, not the arrow on its own


Great game!!

When I try to install the game the setup says "There's a problem with this Windows Installer package. A program runs as part of the setup did not finish as expected. Contact your support personoel or package vendor." Thus the install cannot success. Please prepare a fix for downloadable version if possible.


You are not the only one to have this problem apparently, the reason can be varied so in the meantime I advise to just play on browser. I'll put an excecutable file without windows installer soon and if it doesn't fix the problem then it will be for the next update. Thank you for letting me know!


I love it, favorite game starring my oshi so far. 


i got an error on the executable, a file or something, but eh, it still works on browser, so,,


beatiful game. art is bonkers. style is on par. enemies have way too much health i suck and die very quickly would appreciate an easier mode if possible <3




This is really cool! I'll definitely follow for updates. :D Do you have any plans for a standalone release or will it just stay on browser?


Thank you! Browser only for the moment, I will probably make an executable when the game is complete


Oh cool, I can't wait for that. At your own pace though, no pressure. Have a good rest of your day :D

So will the game still have its browser version or will you transfer the whole game for download?

I just want you to confirm it since I still think you will still have it on browser.

I plan to always keep both versions available!



Great game!!, Congratulations!!


really love how the game looks, i will keep an eye on it an other games with a lot of interest


Hi! I've seen the project on Twitter, I really like how this game is turning out right now! Ill be looking at your career with great interest :)


I love the art style! The control is great too. I can't wait to play more.  When it sent me back, I played through twice thinking I'd missed something required to progress, but it was worth it! :D


Really fun Game... looking forward to see more!


nice megaman -vibe game :3


Really good game, it looks and controls just like it should and I hope you keep developing it.

Beautiful game! With really fun gameplay

I said it before and I'll say it again: Great work on the art and the gameplay!

I'm glad to see many people recognise the quality of this game.

Great job! I'm eager to try the new content! :D

Thanks!  I will do my best for the next updates ✌