Hololive members and their fans playing hot potato with bombs!


The gameplay is based on an old bomberman minigame, this is just an experimental project so please tell me if you liked it and if you'd like to see more updates in the future!






Defeat your opponents by throwing bombs at them before they explode!

In the main menu, select your game mode:

  • Arcade: compete against other hololive members and their fans on their grounds
  • Versus: Play against a CPU or another player in local multiplayer
  • Survival: Defeat endless waves of enemies and get the highest score!

Use the left and right buttons to move.

Use the A button next to a bomb to throw it. Directional buttons can be used to angle the projectile trajectory.

Be careful not to hit a projectile in the face, you could be stunned for a few seconds and be defenseless!

Experience points can be collected for stat boosts:

  • Power makes your throws more powerful
  • Speed makes your movements faster
  • Focus reduces the stun duration when hit with a projectile
  • Luck increases the chance to get special bombs


Press any button of a connected gamepad, a window should open asking you to press A.

You can then press ↓ when your are ready or wait for another player to connect.

The keyboard can be used with "W, A, S, D, J, K" or "Arrow Keys, Z, X".


I am not affiliated with Hololive or Cover Corp. in any way. This game was made while following Hololive Derivative Works guidelines (https://en.hololive.tv/terms).


Created by sulpx

For any enquiries, please contact sulpx.nui@gmail.com

Thank you for playing!



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Nice, that was fun! Beat it with Wife.

Not bad it's pretty fun, and a way to pass the time in school

Thanks for making this game, is one of the most fun games i have the pleasure to play. I'm a really big fan of your pixel art, is so gorgeous and i hope be able to reach your level! (Sorry if something doesn't make sense, my english is not the best)


Thank you for playing!

Very fun and addictive!!!

It has already been mentioned in survival mode, but with Noel there comes a time when it is impossible to advance because there are no more normal bombs.


Thanks for removing the ability to hold and throw bombs at a certain angle you piece of trash

Now it's no longer fun

one issue with late survival mode with noel or luna. if you max out on luck and your opponent's special bombs also don't explone you'll be in a soflock because none of you can throw bomb that can explode

It can happen from level 50/60 but the probability of having an enemy with a chance of 10 and a special bomb that does not explode is very low. I will fix this if it becomes a recurring problem, thank you!

This game is so fun and addictive!

I got a B rank in the end, playing as Polka, but surely with some more practice I'll get an S!

Great game!

Thank you for making this game, yes it is very cool. Congratulations to you and your helpers.

Thank you for making such an interesting game. Although the content is simple, the angle and power of fainting and bombing give depth to the battle, and I enjoyed it very much.

When the score obtained by stunning or defeating the enemy reaches a certain level, the character will not appear in the stage selection, the text after death will not be displayed, and the character's physical strength at the bottom of the UI will be stuck in the previous state. There were bugs such as

Thank you for playing, I will fix this issue asap!